Aug 29, 2013

UPCOMING DIY PROJECT - DIY Pleated Skirt + Pattern M6706

So you guys know how much I'm into sewing. MimiG posted a new DIY project, and it's EXACTLY what I've been looking for. So this will be my next DIY project.

I made something like this a week ago (without a pattern) but this time I want to use the pattern and make it in letter C. See below for details

This is MimiG's posting of the project

How cute is this skirt? And you guys know if you follow her that she makes sewing sexy (which is her slogan on IG)

Follow her blog here

The pattern I'll be using and then reviewing is M6706 and can be found here

Here is the skirts that can be made with this pattern;

Line Art

I will be making and reviewing skirt D so stay tuned...I'm super excited because this is a super cute skirt. Can't wait until the pattern arrives and I can get started

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