Apr 10, 2013

My NEW Fitness Challenge

Hi guys...so I've noticed along with a few others lol that I've picked up some weight. Although I'm still as

gorgeous as I've ever been lol I want to drop a few un-wanted un-needed pounds. You know, we have to get right for summer lol. So I've been doing a little research on a few workout dvd's (because with my busy schedule and traveling) I can never make it to the gym, I ran across "Body Gospel" Read below for more information and make sure to visit the site. Oh remember its not just for  women men can do it too. Check it out:

Make sure to visit the site www.beachbody.com The workout dvd set is  is $32.93 and you get so much stuff with it.  I'll let you read the rest for yourself. Go check them out

I have purchased the  dvd set and will keep you updated with my progress. I will post my starting weight and measurements and update them weekly or monthly. Stay tuned guys. If you've tried this workout I would love to hear your thoughts and even see your progress. Make sure to post your pictures below and sign up to receive updates from me, katinalatrice.

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